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Franklin Community Advocates

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Franklin Community Advocates, Inc. is committed to working with all communities to bring about change through ethical policies, fair decision making and transparent practices.

Your voice matters. We are taking action with urgency, in order to raise public awareness about some of the most pressing issues we face today. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in all of our lives. Together we can be the change we wish to see.

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Franklin Community Advocates is committed to working with all communities to bring about change by:

  • Demanding integrity and ethical behavior in decisions that impact community health, environment and/or natural resources

  • Holding elected officials accountable for representing their constituents, achieving their goals, and behaving in an honorable manner 

  • Advocating for transparency in decision making and spending of public funds (your tax dollars)

  • Improve communications and encourage more community involvement to improve quality of life now, and preserve it for future generations

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At FCA, our greatest wish is for all people to be able to celebrate the quality of life by:

  • participating in a democracy that represents their voice

  • living in a safe, healthy environment

  • participating in their city's well managed, thoughtful growth, and

  • enjoying the prosperity and benefits of living in a truly desirable area

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Ethically advocating for all citizens, employing integrity, respecting diversity, and operating with transparency, to bring about positive change.

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Franklin, Wisconsin

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