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FCA is Officially Up and Running!

It has been a few days since we have posted an update; however, in less than a week’s time we have made significant headway as a group. We are proud of our newly created website. We have successfully formed an entity -specifically, a nonprofit charitable organization. We have applied for tax exemption status and as of today we are happy to offer the option to our supporters the ability to donate to FCA! Donations can be made via debit, credit card or PayPal through our website on our main page by clicking the "Make a donation" button or by selecting the tab "Donations".

Through your donations, we will be able to put actions behind our words to hold our city’s officials accountable, while working towards an ethical and transparent community. Your funding is key for us to be able to advocate for our community. Take a moment to look through our website. Please consider making a donation to our cause; every little bit has the potential to make a big difference.

Make sure to check back often for updates on the great work we are able to accomplish together.

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