Happy Thanksgiving

Good evening and happy Thanksgiving to you and your families. I wish for you a relaxing and blessed holiday with your loved ones. As I started to reflect on the many blessings in my life that I am thankful for one of my most recent blessings was at the forefront of my mind, the FCA. Through my concern over how our city is operating, especially on such controversial issues as expanding a slaughterhouse, I ended up developing important relationships with people I may not have met otherwise. These relationships, and our common desire for an ethical and transparent Franklin, have led us to countless conversations, weeks worth of time and energy dedicated to our cause resulting in forming a nonprofit charitable organization - Franklin Community Advocates. Through this collaboration I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know some amazing people. I feel connected to them, as well as to our community, more than I have ever felt before to any community. I feel empowered, supported, and appreciated by my fellow FCA Directors: Marcelino Rivera III, Gabrielle Jolly, Dave Sorenson and Prashant Kothari, as well as the many residents and friends who have reached out to us; those who care about Franklin and want it to reflect the kind of city I believe most people want to live in. I believe through the FCA, and specifically through my fellow directors and advocates I have become a better person and have the desire to always strive to be better. I am both grateful and energized to work with so many wonderful people to make Franklin the city we all deserve to call home.

Many blessings always,


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