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Statement made by Marcelino - This is a MUST read!

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

The following is a statement FCA's Executive Director, Marcelino Rivera III, made last night during the public comment period.

Alderwoman Hanneman. Since you already had your mind made up, you should have recused yourself from the initial vote on Strauss. To use the word theatrics to describe the thoughts, and passion behind resident’s concerns is a special kind of inhumane, especially since some of those concerns stem from cultural and religious morals. You have a responsibility to Franklin citizens but chose to stab us in the back with your flip flop reconsideration.

Truth is that the theatrics were on the part of Mr. Olson.

Mr. Olson, your transparency has been questioned by several including some of your boldest friends that hide behind a screen. Your on and off again supporters that labeled your administration’s handling of the Franklin Sabers Football season “a horrible moment for transparency.”

On social media you said, “I think our COVID numbers are the highest in the area.” Someone in your position needs to know what is going on in your city with regard to COVID and the numbers, not guess. You hand selected and hired the Health Director and she serves directly under you.

You should know for certain that the city’s numbers are the highest in the “area?” If you would have been paying more attention the Franklin Sabers would have been able to finish the season in the playoffs.

You had no problem allowing THREE, VERY LARGE meetings in this small building with more than 100 people in attendance. You required people to attend to have their concerns considered and you still ignored us. Shortly after those meetings the Health Director under your oversight stopped the Franklin Sabers football team from playing outdoors with a total of 22 healthy players.

Your lack of humane leadership in addition to leaving the chambers at the October 20th

Common Council meeting to get in the face and bully a female citizen in the hallway is consistent with your bullying of women in general. Upon returning to the chambers you pointed your finger at another woman and my fiancé in the audience for shaking their heads in disagreement with what you were saying. We also heard testimony from a city employee with a similar story. Many of these women may be intimidated by you but I am calling you out. It is harassment and unfitting conduct for a city leader.Those must have been the theatrics Alderwoman Hannemann mentioned, or was it the the smoke and mirrors with a 3.5% tax hike scare tactic?

Since tonight is the budget I want to ask why Strauss and their project was being counted as part of TID 6 prior to their Special Use being approved? The tax revenue was less than $300,000 a year and there was no need to threaten a tax hike when the city has more than that in the general fund. You have made it clear at several meetings that this is YOUR staff but they work for us, just like you are supposed to. Normally things wouldn’t get this far but you dissolved the ethics board when you were Alderman.

Right now, I am asking that Ethics Board be reinstated

- We need and want transparency

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