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Thank You Journal Sentinel for Accurate Reporting

Stay tuned for upcoming stories from Fox 6 news and TMJ 4 as well.

Also, be sure to watch for the future publication of FCA's property value study, commissioned from nationally recognized Cohn Reznick. They are putting the final study together as I write this, and for those of you living closest to the proposed slaughterhouse, I will caution you now -- sit down before reading the study. Sadly, this is the only qualified, 3rd party (unbiased) information ever provided regarding the anticipated change to Franklin property values, should a 152,000 square foot slaughterhouse go in.

Without ever requiring or even requesting such information, our current Mayor and 3 of our Alderpersons approved this debacle, not only once, but twice. The 2nd approval, was given during a court ordered de novo (new, from scratch) hearing. The City chose to take this as an opportunity to yet again prove FCA's case in our current civil suit, that decision making by the City has become either arbitrary, or worse, pre-determined.

They conducted a truly laughable sham of a meeting, as no applicant showed up for the proposed development, even though they were well aware this was explicitly required to be a new hearing, starting from the beginning -- a point the court clarified many times. Our brilliant city government then went forward to approve a special use permit, for literally no one, based on literally no information provided. Thanks to the utter hubris and total ineptness of many of our local government officials, FCA looks forward to being able to close out our civil suit shortly, and focus all our efforts and funds on our federal case.

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