Total Property Value Loss Staggering, If Slaughterhouse Built On Franklin/Muskego Border

The current City of Franklin administration has repeatedly pushed through the first ever, slaughterhouse adjacent to half million dollar plus homes development, anywhere in the US. With virtually no facts in hand, no useful information, and no 3rd party studies, the current Franklin administration has attempted to execute among the most stupid plans ever envisioned by local government.

Amazingly they’ve had the hubris to do this based on little more than hearsay from companies that will profit, a plethora of inaccurate information, and purposeful delusions encouraged around some imagined cultural war involving “outside” liberals, even though 2/3 of the participants on our legal suits are local, conservative Republicans. Maybe now that we can assign an actual dollar value to the utter incompetence and blatant indifference the current administration has show to the tax paying citizens of Franklin, they will finally begin to get involved and hold their representative accountable.

After providing no positive evidence regarding the actual overall benefit of a giant slaughterhouse in a residential area, or for that matter, any evidence that TID/TIF 6 met any legal requirement, or would provide any actual benefit to the community, the current Franklin administration continued to press forward to make this slaughterhouse in a subdivision a reality. Even when faced with the fact that the original applicant, Strauss, dropped out of this fiasco, the City decided to still blindly plow ahead and pass a special use permit for no specific entity.

After literally 15 months of citizen groups pleading with the City to require Strauss to conduct some type of 3rd party study to show how property values would be impacted by a slaughterhouse in such a bizarre location, the City failed to do a thing. Instead, they provided a conflicted economic paper produced by a voting Alderperson, regarding an economic multiplier not applicable to a slaughterhouse scenario.

This then forced Franklin's already overtaxed citizens, to solicit and pay for such a study on their own. The study was conducted by one of the leading firms in property valuation assessments, Cohn Reznick. Per Cohn Reznick's protocol, FCA- who commissioned the study, was not allowed to provide any information, nor have any contact with the researchers or those compiling the report. We simply paid the retainer, and waited for the results.

Although much delayed, as there was no entity anywhere in the USA similar to this proposed development (the average value of a home located near a slaughterhouse is $90k, not $600k,) the experts were able to eventually produce a formal study that would determine gain or loss to home values in the Franklin area, based on their distance from this proposed slaughterhouse.

One small disclaimer. This impartial, 3rd party, professional study is the only one ever done on this specific issue, in this urban part of the country. What you will therefore see, will be undisputed facts. Since some of our detractors have claimed that reading clearly presented facts, have made them "dumber as a result," we strongly encourage them to stop reading now. As they also felt God should have "mercy on our souls" for not supporting a giant slaughterhouse in our own backyards, and then went on to refer to FCA (a volunteer, not for profit, community based, non-partisan organization) as, "a blight on the City," FCA most certainly does not want these individuals to become dumber in any possible way.


According to the distance/loss ratio calculation created through Cohn Reznick's expertise, the average loss in property value per house for each of our listed plaintiffs ranges from a low of $34,720 to a high of $82,572. We used the current Zillow valuation of each house to apply the multiplier against. We then came up with the actual dollar value that would be lost. The highest loss to any single property in Franklin, which applies to the most expensive home within the affected zone, is $159,068. If a slaughterhouse should be built on the Loomis Road property that Strauss currently owns, the total property value lost in Franklin would be $7,365.946. But as the property is almost at the Muskego border, an area more heavily built up, the total property value lost in Muskego would be even higher at $14,243,680.

Therefore, the total loss in property value to the entire area around this incredibly ill conceived slaughterhouse in a subdivision idea would be $21,609,626. By the way, this is not only a very conservative number, it simply refers to the slaughterhouse being built, and the perceived negative value future purchasers will have regarding the area. Should an unexpected problem occur, after a slaughterhouse is in, like a fire or explosion (due to the massive amount of ammonia required on site,) the loss in property value would go up exponentially higher.