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Franklin City Staff Has Misled Both the Plan Commission and the Public

February 19th, 2022

The City of Franklin is ignoring Strauss Brand's sensible withdrawal of this project, and essentially acting as the applicant and the regulator on this development, that no one wants.

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Franklin Government Hits New High In Level of Dysfunction

February 18th, 2022

Franklin, WI– In what may be a first for local government in the Milwaukee Metro, the Franklin Planning Commission has passed a Special Use Permit (SUP), which is now awaiting approval from the Franklin Common Council on March 1st -without an actual applicant. Last night, Strauss Brands pulled out of the much derided proposal to build a giant slaughterhouse in a residential neighborhood, after 15 months of legal wrangling with the citizens of Franklin.

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Franklin Community Advocates Legal Battle Begins to Expose Wrong Doing by Franklin Officials

February 17th, 2022

Franklin, WI– A large turnout is expected at tonight’s 7pm Plan Commission meeting in Franklin. This will actually be the second time for this meeting to be held. Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge Hannah Dugan has required a de novo hearing, suggesting Franklin citizens due process rights may have been violated, when this meeting was first conducted almost16 months ago.


FCA Executive Director Corrects Milwaukee Business Journal Article Titled, Strauss Brands' HQ, slaughterhouse in Franklin up for court-ordered do-over vote In E-Mail to Sean Ryan

February 9th, 2022

Dear Mr Ryan,

I felt compelled, no- actually required, to contact you regarding your recent article titled, "Strauss Brands' HQ, slaughterhouse in Franklin up for court-ordered do-over vote."   For some time now, I've felt your reporting on this ongoing 15 month legal saga has been very one sided, incomplete, and potentially misleading.  But your latest article is far more egregious in its level of inaccuracy and  shortcomings.

First, I would like to cover all the items reported incorrectly or in a misleading manner...

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Franklin residents opposing Strauss Brands proposed slaughterhouse get a win.

November 17th, 2021

Franklin residents opposing Strauss Brands LLC's new slaughterhouse and meat processing facility have notched a victory in their ongoing battle.

A judge has ordered city officials to hold a new Common Council hearing on the proposed development.

That hearing is needed "to satisfy minimal due process requirements," according to the ruling from Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Hannah Dugan.

Dugan's ruling came in response to a lawsuit filed by Franklin Community Advocates Inc.

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New Year's Resolution: Get To Know Your Local Politicians

January 11, 2021

It is comforting to assume that municipal governments, being the most “local,” are the most keenly responsive to the will of their constituents. But municipal politicians – members of city councils and county and village boards – are highly susceptible to pressure from the business community, often because they have close ties with local businesses and are themselves business owners.

Residents in the Milwaukee County suburb of Franklin are fighting a battle with their Common Council over Strauss Brands’ bid to construct a 152,035-square-foot meatpacking plant at West Loomis Road and Monarch Drive, next to the proposed Ryan Meadows subdivision.

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A group of residents have filed a lawsuit against Franklin over its approval of Strauss Brands' expansion plans

December 4th, 2020

The rollercoaster proposal from Franklin-based meatpacker Strauss has hit another hump with a group of residents filing a legal challenge against the plan.

Franklin Community Advocates, Inc., a recently formed non-profit made up of Franklin residents, filed a lawsuit Dec. 1 against the city of Franklin over approval of Strauss Brands' special use application for a huge expansion in the city. The Woodlake Village Homeowners Association and nine individual residents are also listed as plaintiffs, according to online court documents.

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